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COLEGG's HR System Design For Motivating Thai Employees

COLEGG is proposing to a client company its best plan of HR system designed based on its HR concept (Skill-based grading & salary) which is widely adopted in Japan. Because, COLEGG believes that Skill-based concept can suit the nature and sense of agreement of Thai people much more than the other HR concept (Job-based grading & salary) which is mainly adopted by European and USA companies.

When designing, we will take the company size in terms of the number of employees into consideration so that the most suitable HR system can be applied in each client company.
Size of company (The number of employees)
<50, ≧50 & <100, ≧100 & <500, ≧500 & <1,000, ≧1,000, etc.

System Basic concept
HR System
(Personnel grading system)
In consideration of the Thai nature where age and length of service are highly regarded, as well as result-based factors, a system will be designed and proposed.
Grade Promotion system A system where the grade promotion will be taken place based on clear and fair criteria will be designed and proposed.
Performance Appraisal system A system where an individual performance will properly be appraised based on clear and fair criteria (both for annual increment of salary and bonus) will be designed and proposed. In addition, our appraiser’s training program will also be proposed in connection with the system designed since appraiser’s skill is also important factor to keep fair appraisal.
Salary System A salary and allowance structure designed based on skill-based concept where sense of agreement is high in the Thai nature will be proposed.
Bonus system A bonus system where each bonus amount is determined based on individual performance appraisal result reflected on the bonus standard which varies in connection with the company’s KPI (Key Performance Index) will be designed and proposed.
Commendation & Discipline system Systems of the commendation to be timely taken place and the disciplinary action based on “Symptom management” will be designed and proposed. In addition, detective methods of rule-violation to make the disciplinary system work well will also be proposed.
Other systems Also, for any other system, COLEGG will support you.

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