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COLEGG's Consultation for HR problem solving

COLEGG will always stay closely to and support each client company.

It is frequently said that various type of problems troubling the Japanese companies occur in Thailand, such as labor dispute, strike, OT block, bribery, compliance problem, unlawful recruitment & dismissal, etc. In the event that such problem occurs in your company, please do not hesitate to contact us. COLEGG will provide you with full
support for your problem solving. In addition, we also have interpretation and translation (Thai & Japanese) service.

A case that COLEGG has now been supporting a client company

On the issue of bonus payment, labor-management negotiation collapsed. Even in a mediation conducted by Labor office after that, both parties could not reach the agreement, and have prepared to bring the case before the labor court. Under this situation, COLEGG is now supporting the client company such as collecting key information, planning strategies, providing timely advises to the management, etc. in accordance with a momentarily changing environment.

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